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2008 Global Marijuana March

Saturday, May 3rd 2008

239 cities signed up

World map

Click on the map to go to the regions below. Note: This page was originally at GlobalMarijuanaMarch.org/2008.php and no longer exists there. The report links below do not work since they link to GlobalMarijuanaMarch.org pages that also no longer exist (they were on old servers). Many of the other links below still work.

Other marches: 

2009, 2007, 2006, 2005

How to put on a pot rally

Other sites


Participating cities


Africa     top

Durban South Africa gmm at norml.org.za    
Johannesburg South Africa gmm at norml.org.za    
Luanda Angola info at mgmluanda.org    


Asia     top

Beirut Lebanon ziggy_upgraded at hotmail.com    
Jerusalem Israel ohad at ale-yarok.org.il    
Osaka Japan info at cannabist.org    
Sapporo Japan info at cannabist.org    
Tel Aviv Israel ohad at ale-yarok.org.il   Video 
Tokyo Japan info at cannabist.org   Video 


Canada     top

Banff Alberta chessandchildplay at hotmail.com    
Calgary Alberta keith at calgary420.ca    
Halifax Nova Scotia chair at mumm.ca Report  
Lethbridge Alberta tamaralee9 at hotmail.com   Images 
Medicine Hat Alberta      
Montreal Quebec boris at mapinc.org    
Ottawa Ontario the_high_canadian at hotmail.com    
Regina Saskatchewan joybuzzard at normlsaskatchewan.com Report Video 
Sarnia Ontario canadiana_2000_ca at hotmail.com    
Saskatoon Saskatchewan info at saskmp.ca Report Video 
Thunder Bay Ontario tbaydoc at hotmail.com    
Toronto Ontario info at cannabisweek.ca   Video 
Vancouver BC davidml at telus.net   Video 
Winnipeg Manitoba complexsplendor_88 at hotmail.com    


Europe     top

Aberdeen Scotland paulstc44 at googlemail.com Report  
Alicante Spain alacannabis at hotmail.com    
Amsterdam Netherlands cyberskeu at gmail.com Report Images 
Antwerp Belgium info at encod.org Report Images  Video 
Athens Greece iliosporoi at yahoo.gr   Images 
Barcelona Spain      
Belgrade Serbia info at vutra.org    
Bergen Norway gmm at normal.no    
Berlin Germany info at hanflobby.de    
Bilbao Euskal Herria pannagh at hotmail.com    
Budapest Hungary juhikap at gmail.com    
Cádiz Spain agecadiz at hotmail.com    
Chalon-sur-Saône France farid at no-log.org    
Coimbra Portugal mgmcoimbra at gmail.com    
Copenhagen Denmark tuxen at hampepartiet.dk   Video 
Debrecen Hungary info at kendermag.hu    
Dublin Ireland wwmmireland at gmail.com Report Images  Video 
Frankfurt Germany presse at gruene-hilfe.de    
Gorzów Wlkp Poland sioolyoo at hemplobby.info    
Helsinki Finland sky at sky.org    
Kiev Ukraine deadjdona at gmail.com   Video 
Kristiansand Norway david.johannessen at gmail.com    
La Laguna Spain info at cannarias.com    
Las Palmas Spain info at cannarias.com    
Leeds UK      
Lisbon Portugal marchaglobalmarijuana at gmail.com   Video 
London UK press at cannabistrust.com    
Madrid Spain amec.madrid at gmail.com    
Miesbach Germany schmuddelkind at affenspass.com    
Moscow Russia legaliz at legaliz.info Report  
Nancy France contact at circnordest.net    
Oslo Norway gmm at normal.no    
Paris France circ75idf at circ-asso.net    
Pietarsaari Finland jeppisrescueteam at gmail.com Report Images 
Porto Portugal info at mgmporto.org    
Potsdam Germany spf at chillout-pdm.de    
Prague Czech Republic netdave at legalizace.cz   Images 
Rome Italy giornatamondiale at millionmarijuanamarch.info   Video 
Rostock Germany info at rostocker-hanffest.de    
Samara Russia      
Sevilla Spain arsec_se at yahoo.es    
Tampere Finland lasse_pihlainen at hotmail.com    
Vienna Austria dave at rosse.at Report  
Vigo Spain avemariavigo at telefonica.net    
Vitoria-Gasteiz Euskal Herria info at amigosdemaria.com    
Warsaw Poland sioolyoo at hemplobby.info Report  
Weimar Germany katharina.spiel at gruene-jugend.de   Images 
Zaragoza Spain aucaragon at hotmail.com    


Oceania     top

Auckland New Zealand auckland at norml.org.nz Report Images 
Christchurch New Zealand mildgreens at gmail.com    
Darwin Australia fiona at napnt.org    
Dunedin New Zealand dunedin at norml.org.nz    
Hamilton New Zealand hamilton at norml.org.nz    
Motueka New Zealand info at norml.org.nz    
Nimbin Australia aclrm at nimbinaustralia.com Report Video 
Wellington New Zealand wellington at norml.org.nz    


South America     top

Belo Horizonte Brazil belohorizonte at marchadamaconha.org   Video 
Bermuda Bermuda rastafariembassy at yahoo.com    
Bogota Colombia milliondeporros at gmail.com    
Brasilia Brazil brasilia at marchadamaconha.org   Video 
Buenos Aires Argentina gmm at revistathc.com Report Images 
Cali Colombia lasplantasnosoncomolaspintan at gmail.com    
Caracas Venezuela enriquedorta at gmail.com    
Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina filosofiabizarra at yahoo.com.ar Report  
Concepción Chile director at canamo.cl    
Cordoba Argentina chgebauer at yahoo.com Report  
Cuiabá Brazil culler_ at hotmail.com    
Curitiba Brazil curitiba at marchadamaconha.org   Video 
El Bolsón Argentina locothundereggs at yahoo.com.ar    
Florianopoles Brazil rhasttaff at hotmail.com   Video 
Fortaleza Brazil fortaleza at marchadamaconha.org    
João Pessoa Brazil joaopessoa at marchadamaconha.org   Video 
Lima Peru matty_maguire at hotmail.com    
Mexico City Mexico info at ameca.org.mx Report Images 
Montevideo Uruguay info at keepsmoking.tk   Images  Video 
Porto Alegre Brazil principioativo.rs at gmail.com    
Recife Brazil recife at marchadamaconha.org   Video 
Rio de Janeiro Brazil contato at marchadamaconha.org   Video 
Rosario Argentina cogollosrosario at argentina.com Report  
Salvador Brazil sergiociso at yahoo.com.br    
San Juan Puerto Rico caribbeanspaceport at gmail.com    
Santiago Chile director at canamo.cl    
Santiago del Estero Argentina adrian.navelino at gmail.com Report Images 
Sao Paulo Brazil legalizeja at yahoogrupos.com.br   Video 
Temuco Chile director at canamo.cl    
Tepic Mexico rattlesnakebreeden at yahoo.com    


United States     top

Abilene Texas kevin.norml at yahoo.com    
Aiken South Carolina rickisphotography at yahoo.com    
Albany New York cannabisactionny at yahoo.com    
Albuquerque New Mexico fmacdo at msn.com    
Alva Oklahoma keary at potforfreedom.com    
Amherst Massachusetts      
Annapolis Maryland eddiethedino at aol.com    
Arcata California normlhsu at gmail.com    
Asheville North Carolina raf at internationalmusic.com    
Atlanta Georgia pablo at worldcamp.org    
Austin Texas hector at outgrowbigbro.org Report Video 
Bakersfield California dougmcafee at hotmail.com    
Bellingham Washington leestreet166 at hotmail.com    
Belmar New Jersey lynyrdskynyrd223 at yahoo.com    
Boise Idaho mehemp at aol.com    
Boone North Carolina      
Boston Massachusetts masscann at pobox.com   Video 
Boulder Colorado hemptopia at comcast.net   Video 
Buffalo New York brayndon716 at yahoo.com    
Burlington Vermont onepatriot at gmavt.net Report  
Casper Missouri      
Chicago Illinois danlinn at illinoisnorml.org    
Chico California      
Cincinnati Ohio hemptress at hemprock.com    
Cleveland Ohio drunk at lonelantern.org    
Colorado Springs Colorado rmelamed at uccs.edu    
Columbia Missouri danviets at justice.com    
Columbia South Carolina      
Columbus Ohio old_jack_tar at hotmail.com    
Crescent City California      
Dallas Texas ryan at dfwnorml.org   Video 
Dansville New York hybernip at gmail.com    
Denver Colorado denvergmm at hotmail.com Report Images  Video 
Des Moines Iowa qchemp at msn.com Report Images  Video 
Detroit Michigan paul at detroitliberation.org   Video 
Dover Delaware delaware_cannabis_society at verizon.net    
Eau Claire Wisconsin cosmicpush at hotmail.com    
Elizabethtown Kentucky fighting4ourright at yahoo.com    
Eugene Oregon gmm at willamettevalleynorml.org    
Fayetteville Arkansas norml at uark.edu    
Flagstaff Arizona burtonrider89 at msn.com    
Fresno California cosasnaturales_mahahual at yahoo.com    
Ft. Bragg California contactverge at yahoo.com    
Ft. Collins Colorado sunrhys at aol.com    
Gainesville Florida whosmokesherb at mail.com    
Garberville California encimer at hotmail.com    
Grand Rapids Michigan globalmjgr at gmail.com    
Gunnison Arizona matt at snaggleboards.com    
Hachita New Mexico luxefaire at gmail.com Report  
Hanford California   Report  
Hilo Hawaii rogerchristie at yahoo.com    
Houston Texas houstonnorml at yahoo.com    
Huron South Dakota      
Indianapolis Indiana skywolf6465 at yahoo.com   Video 
Jacksonville Florida sprout901 at hotmail.com    
Kansas City Missouri burnonedown3x3 at yahoo.com    
La Porte Indiana pyrain_atticus at yahoo.com    
Lafayette Louisiana      
Las Vegas Nevada beth at nevadanorml.org    
Lawton Oklahoma dankhank at yahoo.com    
Lexington Kentucky gatewood at mis.net    
Lincoln Nebraska whothefukisjeff at yahoo.com    
Longmeadow Massachusetts longmeadowcannabiscommunity at gmail.com    
Los Angeles California sistersomayah at yahoo.com   Video 
Mankato Minnesota jon.hatcher at mnsu.edu    
Manley Hot Springs Alaska budzillaman420 at hotmail.com    
Miami Florida      
Minneapolis Minnesota tc_wright38 at yahoo.com   Video 
Missoula Montana dskaggs4 at hotmail.com    
Morgantown West Virginia cnall1 at charter.net    
Moscow Idaho massenberg420 at yahoo.com Report  
Mount Shasta California projectpeace at yahoo.com    
Nashville Tennessee marivuana at marivuanahempalot.com    
New Orleans Louisiana      
New Paltz New York loibdel39 at newpaltz.edu    
New York City New York dana at phantom.com   Video 
Newark Delaware delaware_cannabis_society at verizon.net    
Newton Iowa adam_419 at hotmail.com    
Norfolk Virginia kathymerry at yahoo.com    
Ogden Utah utahliberty at yahoo.com    
Olympia Washington      
Omaha Nebraska melvinusher at aol.com Report Images 
Orlando Florida gieseghj at thestonerarmy.com   Video 
Paducah Kentucky pioneerpaula at mchsi.com    
Paia Hawaii bmurphy420 at msn.com    
Pensacola Florida tayedirty at aol.com    
Peoria Illinois richrawlings at usmjparty.com    
Philadelphia Pennsylvania chair at phillynorml.org   Video 
Phoenix Arizona free420arizona at aol.com Report  
Portland Oregon projects at ornorml.org   Video 
Portland Maine mainelynorml at yahoo.com Report  
Prince Wales Island Alaska sarayockey at hotmail.com    
Providence Rhode Island queen_of_rock3 at yahoo.com    
Raleigh North Carolina nc_ca at hotmail.com   Video 
Redding California queenspade03 at yahoo.com    
Richmond Virginia holdencb at vcu.edu    
Riverside California mikealexbecky at netscape.com    
Rochester New York rochestercannabis at gmail.com    
Roswell New Mexico famous_loyalty at hotmail.com    
Sacramento California jusjazzi4me at yahoo.com    
Salem Oregon mercy_salem at hotmail.com    
Salt Lake City Utah fallon at norjac.com    
San Antonio Texas xxducktape420xx at yahoo.com    
San Diego California knotty_beaner at yahoo.com    
San Francisco California noegopresents at yahoo.com    
Santa Barbara California gear2000 at lightspeed.net    
Santa Clara California      
Santa Rosa California jewel at vom.com    
Sarasota Florida      
Seattle Washington woimly at comcast.net   Video 
South Bend Indiana jay99hoo at yahoo.com    
Spokane Washington      
St. Louis Missouri gstlnorml at yahoo.com    
Steamboat Springs Colorado mikekien2004 at yahoo.com    
Steven's Point Wisconsin brfamily at yahoo.com    
Syracuse New York brian.schuler at hotmail.com    
Takoma Washington khenderson at harbornet.com    
Topeka Kansas heidemeadows at cox.net    
Traverse City Michigan fiddlefoot420 at hotmail.com    
Tucson Arizona mmackenzie2 at juno.com    
Tulsa Oklahoma leaglizetulsa at gmail.com    
Tupelo Mississippi nita420 at vista-express.com    
Ukiah California contactverge at yahoo.com    
Upper Lake California      
Washington D.C. Washington D.C. fjhc at hotmail.com    
Wichita Kansas food at hempforus.com    
Wilmington Delaware hempman at verizon.net    
Wilmington North Carolina todd28412 at yahoo.com    
Worcester Massachusetts peace0nearth420 at yahoo.com    
Yakima Washington fatal_juggalette420 at hotmail.com    

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